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The Pilates method, or simply PILATES, is a system of physical and mental training created in the early twentieth century by Joseph Hubertus Pilates,  who devised based on his knowledge of different specialities such as gymnastics, orthopedics, yoga, ancient Greeks and Romans methods, and dance. Combining dynamism and muscles strenght with mind control, breathing and relaxation.


In the beggining was called Contrology, by Joseph Pilates himself, who suffered from asthma in his childhood, as well as rheumatic fever and rickets, which prompted him to develop this unique system of physical and mental conditioning because it emphasizes the use of mind to control the body, but seeking balance and unity between the two of them: " The science and art of coordinated development of..

 Body – Mind – Spirit 





It will Transform your BODY


Self-Control means “to exercise control over your body” and for that, you need CONSCIOUSNESS. You should listen to your body and understand what it  tries to tell you. The more you practice this art, the better you will figure out its messages.


When moving in a specific way and paying attention to how our body reacts, we will “gain strength and toning”, but also sometimes, we will appreciate stress, tension, pain or stiffness, marks that possibly identify some Health problems





It will Transform your MIND


   Pilates helps you use the three C´s Concentration – Control – Commitment, to sharpen your Mind and take you to where you want to go, in this world of Health & Wellness.



   Pilates changes the way you think about the "movement". As you progress, you will recognize that your mind can make you respond to the muscles, just in the way you want.



Commitment begins with the determination to achieve success. As your commitment increases, exponencially do your results





It will Transform your SPIRIT


While the practice of Pilates is in deed, a physical practice, is also Mental and Emotional, and over all deeply intuitive. Is like a moving meditation, that allows us for a moment to turn off the brain-wise messenger, to connect with the emotional one 


Focused and controlled breaths, combined with movements, can be like a lamp iluminating the dark corner of our subconscious, whether Physical - Mental - or Emotional


Health and Wellness go hand in hand with happiness. Nothing lifts your spirit so much as feeling healthy and fit, inside out !!!







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