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  Massage treatments are one of the oldest healing practices of humanity and it is said that is the most natural and instinctive medium to relieve pain and bodily discomfort. In fact, it is a natural reaction to pressure us and rub the area we have damaged to find relief.



  The  physical benefits of massages can be mechanical (direct effects) or reflective (indirect effects). The body as a whole benefits from the stimulation obtained by the muscular, glandular and vascular activities. 





   Massage therapy has effects both physical and psychological benefits, as well as producing well-being at all levels; reduces stress and anxiety, reactive circulation, helps muscle relaxation and restores the metabolic balance


  • promotes wellbeing and body awareness
  • enhances relaxation
  • supports the immune system
  • decreases muscular tightness and restrictions
  • increases joint mobility
  • improves overall flexibility
  • increases blodd circulation
  • helps detoxing the body


Sports - Deep tissue Massages


Therapeutic massage is simple and easy to apply is simple and easy to apply and enjoy wide acceptance among people, thanks to its particular effectiveness in treating some of the most common maladiesand enjoy wide acceptance among people, thanks to its particular effectiveness in treating some of the most common maladies.





 In general, it is considered that therapeutic massage can:

  • regulate nerve function,
  • strengthen the body's resistance to disease,
  • invigorate the tissues,
  • improve blood circulation and relax the joints.




SPORTS MASSAGE is the application of a series of massage techniques combined with a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology and aimed at enhancing athletic performance.


The principle of sport physiology is to improve both the strength and fortitude. This requires overload the system, forcing it to adapt to growing loads demands on a reasonable scale, providing the necessary time to recover and adapt to the new situation





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