Om Equilibrium (Health & Wellness)
  Om Equilibrium(Health & Wellness)

Om Equilibrium:  Your well-being comes first !!!

The main objective of our business is to take care of your personal Health & Welfare through individual and customized solutions


To achieve this goal, we apply to our daily work the most updated techniques, a highly qualified team, periodic trainning meassures, and a very clear commitment to the most current treatment methods

And of course, we add to all this an extensive experience in the fields of Health & Wellness, as well as special treat in the unique and exclusive attention to each of our users, and also a great number of satisfied customers.


Find now, in these pages, all our Values offered !!!

  • HOME service, BEACH service, HOTELS service and BEAUTY SALONS service
  • ​Wide range of THERAPIES
  • Enjoy a friendly but professional atmosphere
  • Personalized attention by our specialists
  • Blog, with updated information ( Pilates, Anatomy-Phisiology, and Healthy Diet information)
  • Online shop (coming soon)

OM EQUILIBRIUM                                        (Health & Wellness)

The name "OM Equilibrium" comes from the word balance, referring to the balance between mind, body and spirit we seek to achieve through the services we provide.


The logo is a Hindu symbol that means "OM", considered by Hindus as the primary sound source and principle of most words or sounds. The OM is the symbol of the essence in Hinduism. Means unity, the combination of the physical and the spiritual. The sound from all other sounds, whether music or speech emerge.


 We believe it is a symbol that describes very well what our place "OM Equilibrium" wants to reflect. The aim is for users to get to that vibration, that inner being through our therapies, providing, through touch therapist, a place for body awareness, mental stillness and body conditioning, which achieved a whole out to take the users to a state of well being


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Om Equilibrium  (Health & Wellness)



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OM EQUILIBRIUM (Health&Wellness)
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